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An Innovative Approach to Relationships

MetaRelating is an innovative approach to communicating effectively about your relationships with others.

Build the relationships you want.

Express yourself clearly and have people respond the way you intend. Generate the experiences you want with others.

Become indispensable.

Handle difficult situations confidently, resolve conflict with ease, and inspire creativity with colleagues. People will love having you on the team.

Enjoy genuine connection.

Our healthiest relationships are where we can truly be ourselves. You’ll appreciate each other just as you are and bring out each other’s best.

To be human is to be in relationship with one another.

Many of us inherit a belief that good relationships happen easily and automatically, yet we’re all too familiar with the interpersonal clashes that can fracture a team or sour a promising connection. Why? People are different, and we weren’t taught how to relate effectively. Yet we can develop our relational capacities, like conveying our needs clearly, collaborating effectively towards shared goals, and bringing out each other’s best.

Learn to communicate about your relationships more effectively.

At MetaRelating, we’re working to evolve relational intelligence.

Build the skills and understanding to create thriving relationships at work, home, and in the world.
Here’s what’s on offer:

About Michael “Porch”

There’s something incredible about being in a flow state with other people—in a well-oiled machine of a team, or when the household is humming in sync with each other; knowing that what you can do together is far greater than what you can do alone.

In the broadest sense, to relate is to be alive; in an ordinary sense, how we relate with one another is directly connected to the degree of meaning, accomplishment, and happiness we experience.

This is what has compelled me, for the last 15 years, to immerse myself in many approaches to leadership, psychology, and communication. As a result, I’ve distilled a common vocabulary and effective system for relational communication I call MetaRelating.

The quality of our relationships shapes the quality of our lives. I believe we all have the potential to foster rewarding connections that satisfy our needs and build potent collaborations that make a difference worthy of our highest aspirations.
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Don't just take our word for it

Björn Schneider

Holacracy & Agile Coach

Hypoport SE

At the first MetaRelating Training, I realized this was the first time someone had tied together a complete package that shows you how to build good relations. And MetaRelating is a perfect fit with Holacracy.

Brian Robertson

Founding Member & Partner


Improve your relational skills, and watch nearly everything else in life and business get easier. With MetaRelating, Holacracy practitioners will find an approach to addressing interpersonal tensions that complement self-management.

Casey Capshaw

Director of Operations

Strata identity

Conflicts WILL happen in high-performing teams. HOW we work with these conflicts determines how efficient and effective we can be as teammates, subordinates, and leaders. I highly recommend MetaRelating for anyone wanting to up their game.

Dr. Chris Cowan



Porch's approach to relational practices with MetaRelating can revolutionize workplace dynamics, leading to enhanced teamwork, increased productivity, and improved employee well-being. I am grateful for the positive impact Porch has had on my life and work.

Kendra Cunov

Practioner, Coach, and Facilitator of Relational,
Embodiment, and Intimacy work

Michael is an exceptional teacher & facilitator. There is no one I would recommend more highly to learn relational communication skills from. Any organization, team, or business would be lucky to have his support in creating their culture.

Kevin O'Melley

Senior Product Lead

Signant Health

Porch has an unmatched ability to help me explore thoughts, emotions, biases, and shame with skill and kindness. I admire how he synthesizes multiple disciplines, perspectives, and learning styles. The resulting product is relatable, effective, and powerful. He’s one of the best teachers I’ve known.

Rachel Brown

Holistic Marketing Strategist

Emergent Voice

I love Michael Porcelli. He's an inspirational facilitator, an artful communicator, and a truly compassionate human being. I'm so grateful for the skills he taught me through MetaRelating and how they help me navigate the complexity of the world.

Robert MacNaughton

Executive Coach and Facilitator

Neuberg Gore & Integral Centered

The underlying issue impeding our progress is the inability to coordinate effectively without our human frailties mucking things up. Michael Porcelli is a leader in the field of relational leadership since before such a field existed. The timing couldn’t be more appropriate for a masterfully designed toolkit built to address the hemorrhaging needs of people trying to get along and work together effectively.

Sara Ness

Founder & Chief Catalyst

Authentic Revolution

Porcelli has managed to distill complex communication practices into a simple framework. If you're looking to improve your communication culture, I don't think you can find a better resource than him.

Tataya Bailey

Founder, Lead Facilitator, Integral Master Coach

Prisma Leadership

MetaRelating training gave me clear and systematic communication practices I could apply immediately with our facilitators and participants who need ways to address relational tensions that inevitably arise while doing deep work together.
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