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MetaRelating is an innovative approach to communicating effectively about your relationships with others.

The best way to learn more about MetaRelating is to start experiencing it for yourself. Our systematic method integrates many of the best-practices from the fields of communication and relationships, including:

Expressing yourself authentically

Listening to others empathically

Fostering a sense of shared reality

Navigating difficult conversations effectively

Taking  proactive responsibility for the roles you play in your relationships

Restoring trust when integrity is broken

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Here we’ll bring you practical information on how communicate about your relationships effectively with MetaRelating.

In addition, we explore a range of connected topics like authenticity, empathy, leadership as well as social and organizational psychology.

What is Relational Communicaton?

Anytime you’re having a conversation with one or more people and the topic of the conversation includes something about your relationship with them.

It’s an inevitable part our more significant relationships, and yet most people haven’t learned how to do it well.