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​MetaRelating™ Coaching Program

Improve the quality of your relationships with expert coaching in relational dynamics and communication.

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Our coaches will help you learn the crucial skills necessary to bring out the full potential of your working relationships and incorporate relational communication into your everyday life.

Experience the satisfaction of being heard and understood about the challenges and opportunities you encounter in your relationships.

Discover the underlying patterns that are preventing you from having more of what you want in your professional relationships.

Form a game plan for addressing potentially thorny interpersonal tensions, and then have a “post-game” debrief with your coach.

Learn how to apply the MetaRelating Model to the relationships that matter to you.

Receive guidance in creating inviting opportunities for others to have relational conversations with you.

Bring out the best in others by developing your leadership.

MetaRelating Coaching includes:

Eight weeks of coaching sessions, once per week

Our program tailored to fit situations from your day-to-day life

Self-exploration practices designed to cultivate your relational capacities

Custom application of relational communication directly to your real-world relationships

Debrief relational conversations with your coach so you can optimize the learning from your experience

The MetaRelating self-directed facilitation guide

The MetaRelating quick reference guide

Supplemental media to support you in learning the MetaRelating approach to relational communication

Pricing: 8-week 1-on-1 coaching program $3000

We’re also available for expert facilitation if you’d like to resolve interpersonal issues you might be facing with others. We’re equipped to facilitate conversations for groups of 2-6 people. Sign up for a FREE exploratory session to find out more.

Meet Our Coaches:

Michael Porcelli “Porch”

Michael Porcelli (“Porch” for short) has worked with organizations large and small, including early-stage startups, multinational technology corporations, and small mission-centered companies. After a career as a software engineer, he turned in a more human-centered direction earning a graduate degree in psychology and diving headfirst into work as a coach, facilitator, and trainer.

He’s worked with teams to improve their relational dynamics, including engineers, educational technologists, AI researchers, trainers in applied rationality, change-makers in the effective altruism movement, and self-managed teams practicing Holacracy. He’s trained coaches, therapists, and facilitators to bring more relational awareness to their practices.

Through his experience, Michael has come to learn – and to teach – that how we work together is as important as what we’re working on.

Melody Markel,

For the past decade, Melody has immersed herself in relational work: first as a practitioner, then as a facilitator, trainer, and coach. After her college education in concert lighting design, she switched careers when she realized that she was more interested in the quality of connection with her colleagues than the music on stage. Both her love of relationality and her passion for exploring the mechanics of intimacy made this an easy choice.

Melody became the youngest senior faculty member ever hired at the Integral Center at age twenty-four. There she facilitated groups of all sizes and trained others as relational facilitators and leaders. She also orchestrated three nationwide tours, bringing bite-size experiential learning events to over a dozen communities. Melody and Porch began working together during their time at the Integral Center.

Melody works with clients from around the world of various backgrounds and interests. She’s committed to helping them to get more of what they want in their relationships— and less of what they don’t want.