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How MetaRelating Will Change You and Your Relationships‍

Bring your best self and foster mutually-rewarding relationships
Michael Porcelli
August 22, 2023

MetaRelating is an approach to cultivating more genuine, fulfilling, and mutually rewarding relationships in any context. It is in part a social technology, an art form, and a way of being with others. 

More than information, it’s practical know-how. Only by putting this knowledge into action will you fully understand it and experience its benefits. 

It’s a path of growth and development—for a lifetime, if you wish.

Your early experiences with MetaRelating might feel at first like you’ve stepped through a portal into a parallel dimension like Platform 9 3/4. Things can feel strange, and perhaps a little backward or upside-down. 

But after a while, here’s what will happen:

You get more comfortable in your own skin

Through ongoing practice, you’ll feel a greater sense of being yourself, comfortable in your own skin. You’ll express yourself more genuinely. You’ll experience a growing sense of inner peace, free from needless guilt, embarrassment, or shame. Others will understand you more often as you communicate with greater clarity. You will more consistently convey the impact you intend.

The people in your life open up to you more readily

They’ll feel more at ease being themselves around you. They will be more honest with you. They will sense your respect for their basic human worth. They will have a clearer idea of where they stand with you. They’ll experience a greater sense of belonging and connection with you.

You’ll better navigate challenging dynamics

You’ll be more capable of working with tension and conflict, finding common ground more readily. You will expand your capacity to be effective amidst intense emotion. You will guide interactions towards mutually beneficial arrangements where everybody “wins.”

You’ll be able to reconcile damaged relationships

Relationships break down sometimes in ways that need some work if they’re ever going to be repaired. Failed attempts to repair broken relationships might have you give up. Your capacity to reconcile can be cultivated even though not every relationship will actually be repaired

You’ll feel freer to be yourself

Many of us don’t feel as authentic as we would like in relationships. One way or another, we often do not feel free to just be ourselves. Through MetaRelating, others will like you more for who you are, rather than how you portray yourself. You’ll waste less effort in maintaining appearances. People will trust you more. You’ll develop a taste for authentic self-expression and genuine connection. You’ll wonder how you used to settle for less.

You’ll bring out the best in those around you

Have you ever had special people in your life who seem to make things better when they’re around? They’re curious about you. They understand you. They accept you for who you are. They notice what’s great about you and appreciate you for it. They inspire you to be your best. 

Here’s the thing: through MetaRelating, you’ll become this kind of person for the people in your life. How cool is that?

Learning and practicing MetaRelating can be challenging. It doesn’t always feel good. But it is rewarding in the long run. You can learn to relate to others with greater integrity, openness, congruence, empathy, and authentic self-expression. 

Though the practices are simple, they are not always easy. The approach is direct, but the route is often not linear. 

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